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  • Top 5 macOS Ventura Features

    macOS Ventura. Plays harder. Goes further.

    Works smarter.
    Plays harder.
    Goes further.

    1. Stage manager
    The best feature of Ventura is that it helps you focus on your work by moving the current application to the center of the screen while moving other open windows to a collection of thumbnail images that fit on the left. In fact, they are on the left (on the right side of the stage, so to speak) waiting in the wings until you click on one of them, which takes the center of the application past the center there goes to the left. . You can add a second window by dragging the second thumbnail into the active window. You enable this feature from the Control Center in the menu bar, or by assigning a keyboard shortcut, but you can't (yet) assign a trackpad gesture to open it.

    2. Continuity Camera Using Your Phone
    Your Mac's built-in camera isn't bad (is it?), but your iPhone's camera is better. You can use your phone's high-tech camera instead of your Mac's small one just by bringing them together, making sure they're on the same Wi-Fi network, or that Bluetooth is working; Your iPhone will appear as a webcam in FaceTime, Zoom, and other apps. This is called a progressive camera.

    The only thing is the best way to mount your phone if you want to use it as a webcam, and in this case Apple sells a $29.95 MagSafe mount at the Apple Store (made by Belkin) that you put on 'back your laptop screen. A version for desktop monitors is "coming soon". Attach the adapter, while your phone is attached to the magnet, on top of your screen, wait a few seconds, and your Mac will connect without problems to your phone's camera for any application that normally uses your Mac's camera. This feature supports advanced video effects that your phone's camera usually supports, including filters.


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